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“Cecil Darknight the Third?”
I look at the man standing in the doorway in annoyance. “That’s me.”
He looks somewhat embarrassed. “What? You’re Cecil?”
“Yeah.” I said, My patience starting to slip. “I’m Cecil. Most call me Cecci.”
There was some relief now. “Oh. I see. I was expecting a guy.”
“Yeah.” I tell him. “Most say that. “That’s why I go by Cecci.”
“Right.” He said. “I’m Tedd Redfield, and I represent your father’s estate.”

I look back at Evy, who is standing right behind me, who shrugs. I forgot to mention that Evy’s parents, Erik and Dayna Darknight know more about my father than I do. Since Evy and I are related, it makes having a relationship awkward. But this is North Carolina. Anything’s possible. I never knew my father. Mom and dad broke up not long after I was born. Similar to the song ‘Papa was a Rolling Stone’, I had heard a lot of things about him. Things like how was a homeless man living on the street, and conning the working folks out of their hard earned money, to being a drug runner for some Colombian drug lord. I got a Miami Vice vibe from that last one. But in any case, I never knew the truth about my father. Other than how he is a vampire like I am. Apparently I got that from him. The thought reminds me that I have a pint waiting for me in the fridge.

“What about him?” I ask. He looks past me at Evy.
“Alone.” He said sternly. I shake my head. “Whatever you can say in front of me, you can say in front of her.” He looks hesitant, but continues. “I represent your father’s estate. He died recently and left you in his will.” The news of my father’s demise blows past me. It’s hard to feel for someone you barely know. “There were things he wanted to leave you. He asked specifically that the stuff be given directly to you. No, reading of the will, or anything. You are the only one he had listed.” I steal another glance at Evy, as the man takes out some a large manilla envelope.
“Here is the deed to his apartment as well as other liquid assets he had in his name, as well as the deed to his car. It’s already parked outside.” He said. Tedd passes me the envelope and quickly leaves. Evy and I stare at one another silently as I hear Tedd get into his own car and drives off.  

I shake my head, as I opened the door up fully to walk outside. “Let’s see what kind of Pinto I got stuck-” The words die on my throat as I see the Ferrari sitting in the driveway. It had to be a 1985, or ‘86 model Testarossa. It was red, and in mint showroom condition. I walk over to the car with Evy right behind me. Carefully I reach out and open the driver side door like the car was going to blow up in my face. Inside, the car was just as well cared for as on the outside. I closed the door. “Maybe my dad was a drug runner after all.” I open the envelope and look the documents over. I now also owned a penthouse suite in Miami, and was now richer than both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were back during the height of their careers. Me. Cecci Darknight, a 22 year old dork who works at a gas station and reads Stephanie King novels, and has a platonic (financial) relationship with a cousin.

I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Suddenly I wanted to know more about the man who was my father. And why he had died.
Cecil Darknight the Third
Based on a rp Carro and I are doing. It was originally an rp where our characters (Cecci and Evy) were gender flipped, and then were living in a fantasy setting. Then I said what if they lived into modern times through either magic or vampirism. So, we were going to jump to 1986 Miami where Cecil lives his life as a vampire, and as a Private Investigator, and Erik who lives with Dayna Darknight, a deadly rival of Cecil's.

This is a practice story where Cecil has died as we shift to their kids in 2016, who are different versions of the very same characters in our normal storyline.  
Oswin9 by Cecil475
I have been obsessing over older Apple products lately and created a desktop consisting of three different operating system types. MAC OS 9, Windows XP, and Windows 10. I took a screenshot of OS 9 running in Sheepshaver with the Windows XP 'Bliss' as it's wallpaper image. I had the clock turned off and edited out the desktop icons, then ran it as a desktop image for Windows 10, the OS I use as my main computer.


United States
Current Residence: North Carolina
Favourite genre of music: Rock,Pop, 1970's, 1980's mostly
Operating System: Windows XP 98 and Vista
MP3 player of choice: PlayStation Portable
Personal Quote: I have no time for Drama queens.
This Saturday, The Westboro Baptist Church comes to Raleigh to protest at Elizabeth Edwards funeral. The Phelps and their band of idiots, will be here to causing pain and suffering to Mike Edwards and his family, because THEY believe she deserved it.

An excerpt from a Fox News article had this to say:
"The Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church believes that the misfortunes of the U.S. are due to God's wrath for failing to follow a doctrine that condemns gays, Catholics, Jews and others, according to The Wall Street Journal."
(Read more at…))

It burns me up that they can come up to my state or for that matter, any state. Go to any funeral of people that they don't know and just preach their hate. What? Topeka was to bleeping small for you?! However there is a group of people who is banding together to block them from view of the grieving family. A human buffer so to speak. The government can't do anything to stop them because their message of hate is protected speech. The most the government can do is tell them that they have to stay at least 500 feet back. These people as of late have been fighting back. Flocking to the event early, and stealing all available parking spaces so they have a hard time parking, and then creating a human shield, and kept them from being seen from the funeral itself. The last funeral was at a small town, I can't remember the exact details. They brought large signs and banners that hid theirs, and their chants drowned out the hate filled chants of the Phelps, and they eventually gave up and left.

This Saturday, that group will arrive early to do the same thing, and I will be there to help. I want these people to shut the $#%^$ up and go away!

Rant over, and back to your regularly scheduled programming, already in progress.


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